complete URL in the email body


First of all, I am very very new with Ruby/Rails...I am working on maintenance of a project with a team.

I created some tracking code for an email....created a new tracking controller with script/ all is fine...but the problem is that I am displaying an image in the email and for that I need to embed the complete HTTP URL with the image so the image can be displayed in the email.

so right now the source of my image in the email is /tracking/pixel/? sub=abc but it suppose to be

I am experience with PHP and know all how to do that in LAMP but total new with Ruby/Rails so if someone can explain a little...I did hear that it has something to do with the helper and routes but I cant find out anything on these helpers and routes either.

Looking forward to your quick reply.

Just put the full URL string as you have shown it above in the image_tag.