comparing data

If I understand correctly you have records in the db and wish to
compare them on demand by the user clicking on a link which goes to a
compare controller. In this case I would pass the id values as
parameters of a GET request on the compare controller. It should not
be a POST as it does not cause the data in the db to be changed. The
actual compare operation should be a method of the model whose objects
are being compared of course.


How can you pass array of parameters to GET request?

The same as anything else, eg
if @my_array contains [0,1,2]
<%= link_to 'Compare', :controller => 'compare', :action =>
'do_compare', :ids => @my_array %>

If the values you want to pass come from fields then it just a matter
of setting up the fields correctly. Google should be able to sort you
out, I always have to look it up.

If you are only comparing two records then just pass the ids as two params.


Colin Law wrote:

Whichever makes more sense for you is the way to go. I think I would
probably put it in a compare action in the Plans controller.