Commands I will need to know in production

Alpha Blue wrote:

Hehe Marnen, if I could stop overthinking things, you'd make my fiance a
happy woman. :slight_smile:

One day, perhaps.

:slight_smile: I'm not going to get involved in relationship counseling, except to
say that your fiancée might have a point. (Then again, mine might say
similar things about me...)

Okay, so is there a good resource for production commands that I should
become familiar with or a few that are going to be performed a lot?

You're probably going to be doing the same things on your production
server that you've already been doing on your dev server. But do check
out Webmin (as I've suggested a couple of times) if you want a nice
Web-based general purpose admin tool. Particularly with the StressFree
theme, it's great.
As for the rest...well, from your intro posts, it sounds like you're
more of a sysadmin than I am, so there's probably not a heck of a lot I
can add, unless it be *nix-specific stuff that you have't had to learn.

I already have the capistrano commands bookmarked and I'm becoming
familiar with them. Capistrano really is nice once you get it setup

Toldja. :smiley:

The only commands that I use with rails right now are rake tasks,
capistrano commands and that's about it. Anything else?

Depends on your individual needs, but probably not. That and general
server and DB administration should get you a long way.

Thanks again.

Take care,