Colors for in_place_editor

Does anyone know how to change the highlight and fade-to color of the AJAX in_place_editor and in_place_editor_field? Amazingly enough, the Rails code seems to assume that we always want yellow highlights and fade-to-white.

  / Peter

Unfortunately, you are out of lack if you are looking for a clean way to do it. The in_place_editor helper doesn't support all the options of Ajax.InPlaceEditor[1]

You could do one of two things.

1) You could monkeypatch lib/actionview/java_script_macros_helper.rb#in_place_editor to support more options. Stick this snippet of code[2] in your application.rb, Then you can call in_place_editor like this:

<%= in_place_editor_field :post, 'title', {}, {:highlight_color => '#FF0000', :highlight_end_color => '#BB00FF' }

2) You could change your local copy of in 'public/javascrips/control.js#Ajax.InPlaceEditor.defaultHighlightColor' and all related default values in where InPlaceEditor is defined.

Keeping in mind that InPlaceEditor is going to become a plugin in Rails 2.0, I would think it will eventually see some improvements on that area.



Thanks for the quick reply. (1) is obviously the better way, so I'll stick to that. It is somewhat surprising, though, that Rails assumes every web application has a white background... How 2.0. :wink:

  / Peter

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