I am calling the following from the problem controller
MailSendingProblem.send_mail_to_group_owner(group_id.to_i,@problem) and
inside the def send_mail_to_group_owner


     Now in the view to_send_mail_to_user.rhtml I have
   Number : <%= @problem.number%>
   Title : <%= @problem.title%>
   Urgency : <%=h ProblemUrgency.find(@problem.problem_urgency_id).name
if !@problem.problem_urgency_id==nil?%>

   Priority : <%=h
ProblemPriority.find(@problem.problem_priority_id).name if

       I have heard about collection but not yet used.What I am asking
is that in the above Urgency and priority from the view the db is
queried directly..So can i avoid this and pass the data as collections
(I dont know I am right) from controller and access it in view so that
avoid direct querying of datbase from view ? Or if I conntinue with the
above is it wrong?

Thanks in advance

Given the time you;ve been posting to this list you should really have
read about associations.
Give problem a problem_urgency (or even just urgency) association and
the lines above become things like

@problem.problem_urgency.name if @problem.problem_urgency

Not sure what collections have got to do with any of this.