Code within documentation

There was some discussion about having code that is placed in
documentation, to be able to test itself while at RailsConf in

I have no idea whether this is a workable solution but it sounded

I'm interested in contributing said documentation in the light of the
more transparent way things seem to be heading. Additionally, am
more willing to do that now than before when I wasn't sure that
documentation would get triaged, let alone possibly accepted.

I'm just now learning Rails and do run into situations where the words
used to describe how to use the particular funciton (form_for/form_tag
comes to mind) are hard for a new learner to decipher...this is not
your problem...this is mine.

However, I'd like to put my two cents in to hopefully clear the
documentation "confusion" a minimum for myself, but hopefully for
others as well.

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

Mike B.