classic_pagination - svn connection timeout

Since the built-in paginate is deprecated, I'm trying
to install the classic_pagination plugin as recommended:

    script/plugin install svn://

I tried last week but it fail with "svn: blah blah blah: Connection
timed out"
I thought that might be a temporary problem with the
subversion server, but it still fails today.

Can I get that plugin from somewhere else?
Otherwise I'll have to take the brute force approach
with wget and a Ruby script to get it from here:


It's either still broken or broken again. It's apparently been days
now that the repository is off line. You can't even get in to some of
the web pages:

I just downloaded will_paginate successfully.. FYI When I downloaded
classic_paginate is says that you should move to will_paginate.

How do I install SVN? I'm running Windows XP, and I can't seem to
install the classic_pagination plugin.

Thanks. I got it figured out. I'm running classic_pagination now, and
I'll switch to will_paginate when I have time to rewrite my code.

I tried over the couple of days:
-- script/plugin install
and got the connection error

-- checking out the module
and got the "Can't connect to host "': A connection
attempt failed ...

Is there another svn repository from which I can get this plugin? (as
well as will_paginate)
Thanks in advance

Found it on github:



The mislav is the better one and the one you want really :slight_smile:


Stefan Lang wrote: