Cities spell checker

I'm totally lost with this feature so I wanted to ask to the community for some links in order to implement this feature

I'm trying to make a city spell checker (actually a spell checker that will work for anything at all that I have in the database)

So I.e. if I have in my database these two cities:

hollywood bollywood

and the user writes and submit:


I want to show him something like?

Did you wanted to say any of these?

hollywood bollywood

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you

try auto complete that may help full for user . something llike this

Hi, thanks for the tip, but I already have implemented the autocomplete for that field

However, my client asked me to let the user to go on without selecting a city from the autocomplete, and if that happens, then show him a screen with possible matches for what he wrote, so I'm trying to know what the people use for doing that

Thank you

kannav rajeev wrote:

I once did something similar using raspell (ruby bindings for aspell). You can supply custom dictionaries, one containing just the list of cities you know about should do the trick


Frederick Cheung wrote: