CI against MariaDB 10.4 GA


I’d like to know how to run Ci against MariaDB 10.4 at

Because I used to bump MariaDB version to the latest one when the new GA version was released.

  • MariaDB 10.3

  • MariaDB 10.4

MariaDB 10.4.6 has been released on Jun 18th,

I also wanted to run CI against 10.4.6 and wanted to know how since Rails CI has been migrated from Travis CI to Buildkite.



Sorry, the CI config currently lives in a separate repository. That was originally to allow it to be found & applied for older commits / branches — but I need to move it into the main repo now for future master work: between combining several old files and support for several Rails branches, it’s currently quite tangled.

The part you’re looking for is here:

which overrides:

More importantly for the immediate concern, the fact it’s in a separate repo means it’s harder to test a PRed change to the build config itself. Oops!

Until I fix that, the simplest option is probably to do the docker run locally, with something like:

cd rails
git clone .buildkite/
RUBY_IMAGE=ruby:2.6 docker-compose -f .buildkite/docker-compose.yml build base &&
  CI=1 MYSQL_IMAGE=mariadb:10.4 docker-compose -f .buildkite/docker-compose.yml run mysqldb runner activerecord 'rake db:mysql:rebuild test:mysql2'

And to fully clear things out between runs (the MYSQL_IMAGE is particularly sticky):

docker-compose -f .buildkite/docker-compose.yml rm --stop mysql

I just ran the above command to check I had it right, and all the tests were green. :+1:t2:

Sorry this process got much uglier. I’ll try to make it better again in future. :bowing_man:t2:‍♂

This does have me thinking… in retrospect, as we’ve previously seen test incompatibilities between major versions (on all the RDBMSes, at various times), maybe using ‘latest’ is a mistake, and the build config should always use a specific major version. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Thank for the useful information.

I just recall the name of but did not know how to use it.

Running Active Record unit test locally against MariaDB 10.4 works like a charm.

I agree that each CI should specify the major version of each RDBMS and look forward that buildkite-config repository takes pull requests to test themselves.