Choosing a college degree

Well, there are lots of places that don’t care about a degree… why spend $$$ on something you don’t need? :slight_smile: Do that when the bubble bursts again.

Computer science degrees vary by school, really, so I can’t tell you if that’s a good major or not. Many of my students are very happy with their choice though.

I work at a university during the day and supervise / mentor a group of web and app developers - all students. I have some Management majors, a Graphic Design major, several Computer Science majors, and one of our web developers is a Biology major.

I regret my IS degree. I learned nothing. My students learn more in working from me than they do in their classes, and I’ve heard that from them many times over the last 5 years. We have a decent CS program, but it doesn’t focus too much on real-world issues too much, and is very Java-centric.

If I were able to do it over, I’d do something that would compliment my skills. Education, marketing, graphic design, etc. I know lots of good programmers who got good through experience and effort on their own time, without formal training.

Look how far you’ve come!

That’s just my .02. I have many colleagues who say they learned a lot from their CS degrees too.