Choose a pagination solution

Just use will_paginate

There's another plugin called "paginator" which you can read information about here: From the Readme <;:

"Paginator doesn't make any assumptions as to how data is retrieved; you just have to provide it with the total number of objects and a way to pull a specific set of objects based on the offset and number of objects per page."

which seems like what you want. Personally, I use will_paginate, since it adds a nice view method for you to automatically display the page links with a single line of code, nd you don't need to count the number of objects manually like you do in paginator (I haven't used paginator, so I'm just going by what's in the readme file)

will_paginate is pretty flexible in the way it works, if you need information on using it for complex queries (such as with scope-out-rails), check out the following site:


Just for the sake of offering another option: there’s also another major player in the pagination plugin game, paginating_find [ ]. Among the Rails developers I know it seems around half of us are using it. It’s completely a matter of style but I find paginating_find’s interface to be a tad more elegant. They pretty much do the same things, just in slightly different ways. :slight_smile: And I always feel like it’s nice to have options to choose from instead of only being offered one solution.