Check what migrations need to be done inside ruby script

Arthur Rats wrote:

Hi all
I have a feature in a small app that creates the migration files needed
from a small GUI
it executes the rake task command to generate the migration files from
inside a ruby script
so I need to get a simple way to know what files havent been processed
in the current migration compared to the db schema
e.g. inside the db/migrate I count the files with something like
then I get the current db version info with
%x{rake.bat db:version}.split(' ').last.to_i
then I compare the two values so that I can automatically execute from a
%x{rake.bat db:migrate} #windows fix to add the .bat
Is there an easier way to do this?

Why not just
do the migration and let rails figure out what needs to be done. You
are duplicating what rake db:migrate does.