check box value in array

if you name your checkboxes like this

<input name="checkbox[<%=count.to_s%>]" type="checkbox" value="1" />

you'll get what you like

Parameters: {"commit"=>"Do", "checkbox"=>{"1"=>"1", "3"=>"1"}}

hint: there is a check_box_tag() helper !


I use check_box_tag for check box ( according to ur hints)

<% for count in @total_cellno %>
<%= check_box_tag("checkbox", value = count, checked = false) %>
<% end %>

I think you won't get more than one if you name them all the same.
Give it a name as I explained:

  <%= check_box_tag("checkbox[<%=count.to_s%>]", value = count,
checked = false) %>


  <%= check_box_tag("checkbox[]", value = count, checked = false) %>