check_box validation error_message div/span tag problem

when a check box in my form is not validated, the check box and the label are not anymore aligned... a hidden input field is added, which gives a mess in the display....

<label>   <%= f.check_box(:accepted_terms, {:id => "user_accepted_terms"} %>I am over 14 </label> <span class="error-with-field">    <% if @user.errors.on(:accepted_terms) %>          <span class="error"><%= @user.errors.on(:accepted_terms) %></

   <% end %> </span>

but the generated html is : (2 divs which leads to the check box and the label on 2 lines)

<div class="fieldWithErrors">      <input id="user_accepted_terms" type="checkbox" name="user[accepted_terms]"/> </div> <div class="fieldWithErrors">    <input type="hidden" value="0" name="user[accepted_terms]"/> </div> I am over 14 years <span class="error-with-field">     <span class="error">•You must confirm this paragraph</span> </span>

is there any way to avoid this problem ?