Changing $LOAD_PATH, how using own directory for required libraries?


thanks for reading my post. I want Rails to use other load paths, but
I don't know how. Currently, Rails uses the files from the .rvm/..
directory. I want to copy the library files and change the load paths,
how can I reach this?

Besides, can you tell me, where Rails gets all the information about
the necessary libraries/gems?

Thank you very much,

Hi there,

About the load path, in Ruby you have an array with the “awkward” name $:. It represent your $LOAD_PATH and, as an array, it have the << method. You can add another paths to your load path this way.

With rvm, you can generate copy of your gemset and such, i don’t exactly what you want, but this can be useful.

If you are using bundler, the rails use the gems listed on the Gemfile on the root of your application.