Changing app from Rails 3 RC to final


I have a question that I feel should be really easy to figure out, but
I'm very new to Rails and Googling hasn't really produced anything of

I started an app using the first release candidate of Rails 3. Now
that the final version is out I'd like to change the app over. Is it
as simple as changing the gem specification in the Gemfile? I feel
like there should be more to it, but have no idea.


it's very easy

you can update your gems in your computer:
cd /
gem update
gem cleanup
gem list (you will see something like this: actionmailer (3.0.0)...

in you project directory:
vi Gemfile (delete the line with 3.0.0-RC)
bundle update
gem list

If you've the newer Rails version already installed, its really as
simple as that. If not install that and you're all set to go.


Just got home and gave that a try...worked perfectly.