Change the default date setting?


I am using rails 3.1.3 and ruby 1.9.3 with postgresql 9.1.

Also, I am working from a tutorial and I have only two records in my
database at this time.

I initially setup the default setting for the dates in the database to
follow this format: '1979-09-21', but I would like to change this to:

I first tried to use pgadmin3 and then to go into the date fields and
change them to the format I indicated above. This did nothing since in
my rspec model and controller I have the tests setup to the old format,
namely: '1979-09-21'.

So, I thought I could change the date formats in my rspec model and
controller files, but then my tests failed. Next I thought I could
delete the date field of concern from my database and then use a
migration to add it back, but this time without a default.

Nope, none of this seemed to work because the date of concern still
appears in my database as '1979-09-21'. Well the only other conclusion I
could come to is that I do not understand where the format for the date
fields are being set.

Thankfully I turn to this forum and hopefully one of you learned rails
practitioners can point me to a path that will not only solve my dilemma
but will also lead to my edification on what is happening in rails with
the date format?

Thanks for any help, suggestions or pointers that you care to share.


Why would you care about the internal format of a Date in the DB?
Let ActiveRecord and your database adapter take care of that.

If your code deals with dates, use Date or DateTime -- not a String
masquerading as a date. :slight_smile:

And apologies in advance if I've misunderstood your issue.