change_table is not working on production server


I have added to my migration a change_table action. It works fine on my local dev machine, but on the production server the migration does not happen although the schema.rb file gets correctly updated.

I am running Rails 2.1.1

To debug this I would:

1) verify schema versions match on dev compared to prod: "select * from schema_migrations;" 2) turn up debug on prod logging: in evironment.rb uncomment this line: "# config.log_level = :debug" and tail -f log/* when running migrations. see if it is even doing what you think it is doing. 3) I've found in Rails 2 this statement causes issues when I migrate on non-development environments. And I sometimes comment it before I do migrations: environments/production.rb : "config.cache_classes = true"

I hope this helps. H

Thank you blasterpal,

I will have a look at your options.