Change link_to routing http://domain.tdl/static/application


I have a mongrel proxy that listen on that url: http://www.domain.tdl/blaa/main/index. The 'blaa' is a static link that activates the proxy.

How can I change the rails routing, that every link directs to http://www.domain.tdl/blaa/.../index and not like it is at the moment to http://www.domain.tdl/main/index ?

So the problem is that everytime when I click on a link I get an error that the file is not existing, naturally.

Greetings Andi

okay is not nessesary anymore, i found an other way :wink:

You have to add a prefix line in the mongrel that you are running...

Starting mongrel with a prefix

mongrel_rails start -e production -d --prefix /blaa