Cdn or gem to display number of items in cart logo?

I’ve been trying to center text in div and center div with transparent background over another have my shopping cart logo I think it’s worth finishing but does anyone know a cdn or gem

Show us some code so we can better understand what you are trying to achieve.

do you want a complete shopping cart (E-store) solution or just the functionality to show the item count in the shopping cart emoji ? guessing a badge or something like that ?

yea i already wrote my own cart just trying to style the counter

fwiw : Cart Icon with Item Count

I have custom instructions which prefer css grid :slight_smile: but you can see it still managed to put some flex in there. let me know if it works or helps. I don’t think there is a gem or cdn to center/overlay things in css.

To center text in a div and overlay a transparent background div containing a shopping cart logo over another element, you can achieve this using HTML and CSS. You don’t need a CDN or a specific gem for this—CSS can handle it.