catch-all routing

I know this isn't all that Rails friendly but is it possible to do catch-all routing so that some value can be passed in as if it were a controller for example

http://localhost:3000/ford/thunderbird http://localhost:3000/gm/solstice

I know you can do it like this

http://localhost:3000/manufacturers/ford/thunderbird http://localhost:3000/manufacturers/gm/solstice

but is it possible to skip the controller name?



map.connect ":manufacturer_name/:model_name", :controller => "manufactuers", :action => "show"

in your controller params[:manufacturer_name] and params[:model_name] should be available


Sorry I should have mentioned that I won't know the manufacturer names ahead of time (in other words, I want to make it data driven). That's what I meant by catch-all.

Andrew Bloom wrote:

map.static ':permalink', :controller => 'pages', :action => 'show'


map.connect "*path", :controller => "four_oh_fours"

First on is not great and you need to handle 404s in that controller... the second is well an example from a 404 controller BUT it shows the *path example... if you do /bla1/bla2/bla3 that's what you get in the params...

Parameters: {"action"=>"index", "controller"=>"four_oh_fours", "path"=>["bla1", "bla2", "bla3"]}