Cartographer/google maps and apache2/mongrel problem


I'm trying to make cartographer/google maps work with an apache2/mongrel setup.

It works fine with lighttpd/fastcgi, however maps don't render with the above setup.

I was wondering if anyone had any success trying this.

Here is what my mongrel configuration file looks like:


The problem is with cartographer. When it tries to lookup the api
key, it uses HTTP_HOST in the request. In this setup, its the mongrel.

Here is the fix for vendor/plugins/cartographer/lib/cartographer/ header.rb:

<<===    def self.header_for(request, version=2)      mh =      mh.version = version      #uri = request.request_uri      #uri = uri[0..uri.rindex('/')] if uri.rindex('/') < uri.length      mh.uri = request.env['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST'].split(',')[0]
rescue request.env["HTTP_HOST"] #+ uri      mh.to_s    end