Again asking what is the career in RoR

I don't understand the question. Please be more specific about what
you want to know.


Future in Ror…

Future is depends upon you how much you are master with RoR.

If I master than what is the future

Then world is yours.
Hope you will understand.

As somebody already said, the future is bright if you are at X level.

… and to that you replied “what if I am at X” level…

First of all you need to have comprehension abilities. If you are aiming for India or whichever else SPECIFIC market, then please ask there for a good answer. To us it just sound gibberish at this point… Noone took advantage of that for his joke; though I’ve seen possibilities…

So to recap, if you want to know Rails dev future in English speaking country, then ask so right away. For other cultures the answer wouldn’t be accurate. I mean you just put 5 words as your question/reply, which in the whole seems way too oblique… If you don’t know how to form a proper sentence in EN, again, without ANY prejudice, cause I am against that, and thus as I am composing a reply to you, you should deduce that, then you should just learn English or simply ask at forums that don’t rely on a common (international language) to get your answers.

Just my 2cents.

Here in this community there are so many expert thats why i am asking this question(future in Ror). They better tell me the right path.

but i am not expecting such a Ridiculous response from people like you

OK, so if you are expert you’ll make up to and over $200K per year. Does that really help you? Can you work in such a place that provides such compensation (visa’s, English language knowledge etc.?)

No matter what your RoR skills are saying something like "They better
tell me the right path" makes you sound like a complete dick. I will
give you a pass here because I suspect that your English language
skills are lacking but if you come out with anything even vaguely like
this in an interview you will be immediately dropped.

For future reference "They better tell me the right path" is making a
demand (no one here owes you anything - you are not in a position to
make demands). The sort of thing that spoilt children with an
overblown sense of entitlement would say.

Better phrasing would be "They will be able to help me find the right path".

I don't know what your RoR skills are like but your English language
skills are pretty broken.

I’m sorry, Amardeep, but IMHO don’t think you’re going to make it as a developer. A developer finds his or her way through, by evaluating situations, applying creative thought, making informed decisions without having to ask which way to turn. A developer is a path-maker, sees opportunities and evaluates them based on the discernment that experience brings. You sound like someone who’d do better, no offense meant, in a field which requires one to follow instructions and take well-trodden paths. Maybe you should look into working in SQA (testing), which may be a better fit. To be a developer, you need to know how to find answers without anyone telling you where those answers are. Plus, you need to have a thick skin - to hear what you don’t want to hear without becoming unprofessional or lashing out. Maturity and discretion, in other words. I’m not seeing those qualities in the way you asked the question or the way you responded to those trying to help you out.

Thanks For the Suggestion and the advice…
Sorry if Anyone Feel Bad.
In Future i’ll Take care of it.