Captchator: A simpler Captcha

Andreas S. wrote:

Being annoyed with the complexity of existing captcha implementations
(PStore, temporary files - wtf?), I rolled my own and turned it into an
easy-to-use webservice:

I only have an example for using it with PHP there, but it's so trivial
to implement that any further examples seem unnecessary.

Please tell me what you think.


I hope my response will not annoy you.

I am very new to rails and would like to implement your captchator on a
simple web form. Is there a set of directions for "implementing Andreas'
captchator for dummies"? I get the basic concept, but I am learning the
whole ruby on rails thing now and it's still a bit fuzzy in my mind. I
was able to get the captchator image to display

Next you say to:

Create or modify an existing form with a text field to send the captcha
answer to your script. (I'm not sure where or how to do this)


Your script needs to check the submitted captcha answer for correctness.
To do so, it loads the following URL from the Captchator server:|
(where do I do this?)$yoursessionid/$answer

(and where and how do I do this?)
If the answer is correct, the result is "1", if not, it is "0".

Any help you could give would be VERY MUCH appreciated.