Capistrano deploying the rails app to db server

I'm attempting to use Capistrano to deploy an app to a production environment. The environment uses one server as both the app and web server, and a second server to run the database.

The fact that Capistrano automatically wants to deploy the rails app to the db server as well as the app server seems strange to me. I have googled and read the Rails list archives and have seen Jamis' explanation for this, but is still just doesn't seem like the right behavior.

I got around the issue by pretty much rewriting all of the standard tasks, like update_code, etc. in my recipe so that they only deploy to the app server, but wouldn't it make more sense to have Capistrano only deploy the rails app to the app server *by default* and maybe allow you to override it in your recipe when you call one of the standard tasks?

Jamey Cribbs