Can't use models in migrations

Hi there,

This always used to work for me... but not now. I want to blame Rails
1.2 but I'm sure its not.

I can't use AR models in my migrations. To make sure its not just my
dodgy code I tried to do the same with a well known plugin..

A migration such as the one below (taken from acts_as_versioned) is
giving the error
undefined method `create_versioned_table' for

What the hell is that about? create_versioned_table is a definition of
Post.. not bloody SqlAdapter whatever.



        # class AddVersions < ActiveRecord::Migration
        # def self.up
        # # create_versioned_table takes the same options hash
        # # that create_table does
        # Post.create_versioned_table
        # end

Hmmm, as expected I was at fault..

I was giving my migrations the same class names as their respective
models... madness.