Can't seem to find clarity on /admin section

I am just learning rails and using pick axe to do so, so I am using
whathever version of rails that pick axe is using (I think its 1.2.6)
instead of 2.0. I am going to be re-creating a current online store
project that i have done in CakePHP to learn more about rails. I have
searched the forums and found some answers regarding having an /admin
section for my site. I dont think that its very proper programming to
have everything in an admin controller like some of the posts i have
read seem to suggest so I'm a bit lost.

In cakePHP, I would being admin functions with admin_. These were only
accessible by placing a /admin/ in the URL. Is have read about the
namespacing in rails but that seems to only be used in 2.0. Am I
missing something?

I would really appreciate any clarity that anyone could bring to this
problem for me.