can't save urls

I have a model with a field called "website", its a varchar(150) mysql data type.

the field renders fine in my new/edit forms, I have insured it does get to the update/create method in the controller in the params args, but it never gets saved! I have a validation on it that does not fire either, even if I enter more than 150 characters, which is the limit.

Very strange because the same datatype, field name works just fine in another application. Any ideas?

validates_length_of :website, :maximum => Constants::MAX_LINK_LENGTH, :allow_nil => true, :message => "Please keep the link within #{Constants::MAX_LINK_LENGTH} characters or make it short at"

is there anything else in the model pertaining to website (perhaps you've overwritten one of the accessors by accident?)


Did you list :website in attr_accessible? Check the server log and see if it's being thrown out.