can't return a result set in the given context:

Hello all, I would like to know if there is a way to return a resultset from a MySQL stored procedure to rails, I’ve tryied many things but I always get the same error, I found that I need to patch the MySQL connectore, but that info is from 2006 I am ussing rails 2.3.2, Is there a way do this ? I need to do a lot of things inside the SP, like creating temporary tables, perform some calculations, etc.

I would appreciate your help


After searching the web, I’ve just found that I have to patch the mysql adapter, this is not good, I can understad the rails framework developers being of the opinion that complexity is best located in the code and not in the database, does not advocate using stored procedures as a abstraction layer between the database and the application. But sometimes it is really neccesary to use stored procedures, What happen if you execute a query that returns thousand and thousand of records(it will create an object for each record)? you need to precess them, perform some calculations, I think they sould think about all the scenarios. Really, they should think about this

Ok, I found a way to get a resultset from a stored procedure, please visit this page:

Thanks to all