Can't reproduce failing Travis test

I’ve recently updated some Rails code which passed all the tests when I ran them locally using the Rails dev box.

However, the tests fail in certain situations in Travis. I can’t seem to reproduce these situations, and I’ve been unable to fix the bug. Does anyone know how I can replicate that environment and/or reproduce these failing tests? It appears to happen whenever the GEM env variable contains “ar” (activerecord?), but I don’t know what that reflects on.

Any help appreciated!

Hi Dave,

not exactly the same issue, but I also have all tests passing locally and one failing test on Travis, with the “ar” (= activerecord) test suite. I’ll look into it tomorrow.


Hey Nick,

I figured it out! Travis rebases your commits on the current master branch, while i was not doing so. Rebasing the changes onto the master branch and then running tests gave me the same results as Travis got.

I’m still confused why the tests would pass in certain cases in Travis - it seems a weird inconsistency.

I was able to figure out and fix the failing tests now. Hopefully this helps you too!



Thanks David,

I rebased my fork as well but there’s one test consistently failing here. Not the end of the world, maybe I should rebase again.