Can't get ruby on rails and scriptaculous (visual_effect) to display inside facebox popup

I use facebox to display a lightbox popup inside my RoR 2.3.9
application to display a :partial. Inside this partial, I want to
toggle (or any other visual effect that would go from one div to
another inside the partial) from several steps for a form_for.

When I do the following for both buttons (step 1, 2...):

<%= link_to_function "Keeps",
    visual_effect(:fade, "step1", :duration => 0.2) +
    visual_effect(:fade, "step2", :duration => 0.2) +
    visual_effect(:grow, "step3", :duration => 0.2) %>

which show or hide the divs:

<div id="step1" class="feed_container">

<div id="step2" class="feed_container" style="display:none">

<div id="step3" class="feed_container" style="display:none">

It works in the "normal pages" but doesn't in the popup. If I click
the go to step2 button for example, it doesn't do anything. However,
if I close the popup and open it again, it'll be in step 2.

Any thoughts on how I could get this working in ruby on rails? Thanks