Can't get css to work


I created a bare bones rails app with the sole purpose of trying to add
css styling to a webpage via the stylesheet_link_tag method. I am
getting an error that looks like this:

JSON::ParserError in Home#index

and I have no idea why.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Copy/paste the full error and stack trace please (don't do it as an
attachment, it is easier to follow if it is inline and easier to
insert text into the relevant points).


Does anyone know why I can't get an external style sheet work work when
using JSP files? Putting a link in the doc head like I would for an HTML
or PHP file does not work. The style sheet is in the exact same
directory as the JSP files and I cannot get it to work. I think I have
tried about everything that has been suggested on the web with no luck.

If I create an HTML doc in the same directory as the JSP files, and add
the below line in the document head, it works fine. Doing the same thing
with a JSP file does nothing. |