Cannot migrate after destroy a table

Rails 3.1.3

Hi. I thank you for your help all the time.

I had a table User (or I might have named 'Users' rather, but my recollection is unclear). Since I chose to use devise rather than a plain user table, I destroyed it.

rails destroy model user

After that, I simply installed and generated devise User, then implemented migration

soichi% rake db:migrate == DeviseCreateUsers: migrating

you could run a migration

rails g migration drop_users_table

and inside

drop_table :users

But I’m not sure if that’s the only problem (according to your log it seems to be that)

Javier Q.

Thanks! Just like you said. I have successfully migrated devise user!


If I’m no wrong if you just run the command to generate it again, it will tell you that a user migration already exists. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen (but I guess because you are trying to generate a devise install again)

I forgot, delete the user migration :smiley:

Well, thanks I figured it out after trying to migrate a few times!