can :layout option be passed to render a partial for a collection?

Hello, i have read somewhere that calling

<%= render :partial => 'my_partial', :collection => my_collection, :as => :model, :layout => 'my_layout' %>

used to render output of <%= render :partial => 'my_partial', :collection => my_collection, :as => :model %> inside a single layout 'my_layout'.

However, it does not seem to work for me now, and this behavior is not documented in API pages, the suggested way to do is to yield explicitly:

<%= render :layout => 'my_layout' do %>   <%= render :partial => 'my_partial', :collection => my_collection, :as => :model %> <% end %>

Can anybody please explain if i am doing something wrong, or if this behavior of :layout option is not supported anymore?



This :layout option isn’t supported if you’re rendering a collection (I just checked the source code in actionpack-3.0.7/lib/action_view/render/partials.rb, specifically the ActionView::Partials::PartialRenderer#render_collection method)

The “Rendering Collections” section of the “Layouts and Rendering in Rails” guide (Layouts and Rendering in Rails — Ruby on Rails Guides) makes no mention of supporting the :layout option either. It does have support for a :spacer_template option if that helps.

Thank you for clarifying this.