Can anyone tell me how to send the sms in rails application

HI I am Antariksha Anil Kulkarni. I want to send an sms from my rails app to let know the users contacts to get connected.

I've done this before using the twilio-ruby gem. I don't have an exact code example for you but if you look at the docs for the gem it's pretty straight forward. Twilio is a great service and highly reliable.

My experience with infobip SMS is good. They have better affordability, good support services and a wonderful SMS API. They also have a gem that integrates easily with your application. Try infobip SMS. I have used it with delayed job for queueing SMS delivery also and it works perfectly.

I have worked in telco for a long time and am now working with cloud engineering and AWS. I recommend you look closely at AWS SNS. It’s easy and supports SMS, email etc. Very convenient.