can 2 actions use a single view?

Well a partial is really just a way to keep your views tidy by not
repeating the same chunk of code across different views. So partials
are largely about the 'view' end of things whereas your initial query
re 2 different actions using the same view relates more to the
controller side of things.

Partials come into play as a way of keeping things DRY - so if you had
a User model and an Address model, and a User has_many addresses,
there might be more than one place in your application where you want
to display a list of a user's addresses.

Rather than repeat the code that iterates through the array of a
user's addresses, you would extract this as a partial and then render
that partial in any view where you wanted to display the list.

So a partial is just that - a 'partial' view, whereas your initial
question seemed to imply that you wanted 2 controller actions to
render the exact same view.