Calling a self controller path on method from view

Not sure if this is what you seek, but all views have access to the
controller / action that rendered them via controller.controller_name
and controller.action_name.

<% if controller.controller_name == "rushing_offenses" -%>
   some stuff
<% end %>


You can use that technique to do something like this in your helper:

link_to("Link!", { :action => "blah", :controller =>
controller.controller_name })

You don't have to use named routes all the time. There are definitely
times where the path hash is advantageous.

I created the following for my TableHelper which will allow all 37
models to use the same thing:

def sort_column(title, direction)
  (direction == "asc" ? image = "up.gif" : image = "down.gif")
  (link_to image_tag(image, :border=>0), :controller =>
controller.controller_name, :numteams => (@showall ? 120 : nil),
:orderby => title, :sortby => direction) if !@searchteams