calling a jQuery function from RJS/onclick


I have the following jQuery function on the head of my page.

<script type="text/javascript">

    /* calling jNice on document ready */

On page load, this gets called correctly.

Now there's a link on the page that lets me add more rows and i do
this via RJS. Here's the code.

<tr id="empty_item">
    <div id="plussign"><%= add_item_link "+" %></div>

def add_item_link(name)
   link_to_function name do |page|
     page.insert_html :before, :empty_item, :partial=>'item', :object

Now this partial 'item' contains form elements upon which jNice needs
to work its magic.

How can I call the jNice function after the user clicks on the

anyone?? anything?

enter live(). implementing this function solved my problem.