call_rake results in sh: /opt/local/bin/rake: No such file or directory


On my Linux Production Box, a Background Process results in following

(rdb:5) call_rake(:send_mailing, {:mailing_id => params
[:id].to_i, :rails_env => Rails.env})
sh: /opt/local/bin/rake: No such file or directory

The strange thing is, that actually the path is set correctly.

-bash-3.1# sh
sh-3.1# which rake
sh-3.1# bash
bash-3.1# which rake

Does anybody has a clue, why / where I have to set this path, so that /
usr/bin/rake is taken as a valid path?
Thank you very much!



Ohhh... I am so sorry... just found out myself!
It was set manually by me in application.rb :wink:

one should remember, what has been coded :smiley:

thanks anyway