Call method from view

I want to call a method that i have implemented in the controller and i don't know how to call it from the index.html.erb file. Please help.

If you have utility methods you wish to call from views use the Rails helper convention and put them in modules under app/helpers - you can use the rails command line script to help you generate them if need be.


Can you explain what sort of function this is? What is it doing? The answer to the best way to solve the problem depends on what the method does.


Because i am new to Rails, in need to understand better how rails work.First i have created a controller and views of the controller in netbeans.In controller i have the following code:

class SayController < ApplicationController

def hello // 'hello' is name of the view, inside 'hello' method i can create other methods and call them ONLY from the hello.html.erb or not?    @items=["item1","item2" ...] // i want to create an array and show all the elements in hello.html.erb. end


Please specify if the code is correct.Also in hello.html how i can call the array or the method and show the content.

I suggest you work through some tutorials on Rails. is good and free to use online. Make sure that the tutorial uses the version of rails that you have installed. Also look through the Rails Guides.

Once you have worked right through a good tutorial then you will be able answer most of your questions yourself.