Call a method

Marcelo Junior wrote:

I have the following method:
  def pop_session
    session[:view_pop] = :valor

This is only input value in session.In view, have one table:
<td><%= link_to, :controller => "view",:action =>
"pop_session", :valor =>></td></td>

But be calling the view this method.

"Template is missing
Missing template ./script/../config/../app/views/view/pop_session.rhtml"

I want only call the method "pop_session" from <td>

And when the user clicks on your link what do you expect to happen?

Try render :nothing => true, but this might not exactly provide the
bese usability...

Marcelo Junior wrote:

Now I placed the "render :nothing => true" in controller, and not appear
that one message, but now appear in blank. I do not want that load no
page, I only want to define a value for mine session.

That's what I figured would happen. link_to is just like an
old-fashioned <a href='page.html' />

Try, uh, link_to_remote...