Calendar Scheduling Gem

Hi guys. I need to have a sort of scheduling system implemented with a
calendar gui. I want the days that are fully booked to be inactive,
but available days to take you to a day or week view of available
appointment times. Anyone know a good gem for this? I've seen a few
candidates, but I would like to know if there is a best or best


check link

Vishal Singh
Ruby on Rails developer

Thanks! However, I’ve already watched that. I was able to manipulate it a bit, but am at a lose as to how to gray-out specific days, etc. For instance, I can highlight today through it’s CSS definition, in the same way, I had make it appear that I have grayed-out past days by making the “future” css definition display the standard color and default the overall day color to gray-ed out. But I don’t know how to add my own css classes or identities that need ruby code to logically only refer to what I am looking for, based on the state of the system. I am very new to Rails. So maybe I am asking for the wrong thing. I am looking for a gem that is well-documented and where all the things I need are predefined, but maybe I should be asking for somewhere to learn how to make gems do what I need them to do if the behavior isn’t predefined?

Thanks again for your response. I decided to learn Rails for a class project and maybe bit off more than I could chew. The framework does make life easier once understood, but I’ve never had to think in an MVC way before, and wrapping my head around how everything works has been a challenge. The project was actually due two weeks ago, and I’ve been working hard, but I am behind. I have to finish everything in the next two days.