Caching photo by URL

I think you need to explain your problem more fully. Are you using
Amazon's webservers as in the link you posted to? Exactly what
problem are you trying to solve by caching, and what are you trying to
cache and where to you want to cache it?


Hye Colin !
Firstly thank you for your answer !
I try to caching my pictures on my app serv on the public folder of my rails
app, i'll create a sub folder cache.{id-user}
I launch a function which return me a array of url, like that
and in my view I do a loop by .each, and for every occured, it puts <img
So it make some time to get url, and I want caching the .png/.jpg/... file,
like a thumbnail, on a folder to increase speed
Like that it'll take some time just one time, when user connect !

I don't understand why cacheing the images will make it quicker.
Where are they coming from in the first place?

Also could you please not top post, it makes it difficult to follow
the thread. Insert you reply at appropriate places in previous
messages, thanks.