Caching application data

Thanks again Mark.

> Also, I don't know if you were running in development mode, but if you > were remember that AR models and controllers get reloaded ever single > time you make a request. So if you were expecting them to hold some sort > of state, apart from sessions in the controller, then that might be part > of your problem as well.That's exactly what happened. I actually suspected it to be the case, however for some reason in the past my models were not getting loaded every time in development mode, but only the views and controllers. I discovered this because most changes I was making to my model classes were not taking effect unless I restarted webricks. I actually just saw some people's posts about it and somebody included a link to an erratta for David's Agile book with an indication of this bug.

Having said that - it appear to have been loaded every single time in this case, which confuses me, but most importantly my problem is solved so thanks a lot to everybody!


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