Caching a has_many child's parent.

Are you using query caching? That should only be maybe 3 queries tops:

Driver.find # eager include query
@car.driver # belongs_to query # has_one query

After that, the queries should be repeating and you won't hit the
database anymore. Even then, each association call is creating a new
ruby object, even if that query is cached.

I have a plugin that enables a simple identity map for ActiveRecord
within the context of a controller action:
git:// . Every time a
record is fetched from the database, it is stored in a global hash by
ID. Future requests to receive that record will instead receive the
exact same ruby object.

Driver.find 1 # query
Driver.find 1 # ID map
Driver.find 1 # ID map

The cool thing is you can preload from large queries:

Driver.find :all # query
Driver.find 1 # ID map

So, you can select all the drivers and all the cars for those drivers
in a single query:

@drivers = Driver.find :all
Car.find :all, :conditions => {:driver_id => @drivers.collect(&:id)}
@drivers.each do |driver| # preloaded in the Car.find query

That's all fine and dandy, but this won't work for has_one
associations since the query is by driver_id. The plugin's identity
map only indexes records by their primary key. There's a good chance
this plugin will be finding its way into the next release of Rails.

Rick, thanks for this explanation. I'm wondering whether the OP's question was more related to the use case:

- I have a Driver
- Who has a car
- And I want to know what drivers also have that car
- And I want to know all the cars all of those drivers have


Question to OP: Was this actually what you had in mind or did I misread?