Bug in plug-in open_id_authentication

There is a little bug in open_id_authentication plug-in at line 87 of
file lib/open_id_authentication.rb

  identifier = "http://#{identifier}" unless identifier =~ /^http/i

this line will silently ignore the uri "httpd.apache.org" without
normalising it to "http://httpd.apache.org/"

at present, writing OpenIdAuthentication.normalize_identifier
('httpd.apache.org') raises a NoMethodError.

Proposed solution is to replace /^http/i with /^http:/i

   identifier = "http://#{identifier}" unless identifier =~ /^http:/i


I'm reporting this bug here, because don't know how to submit patch
(or whatever we call it) for Git repository. Also guys at
lighthouseapp.com will let you sign-in with an OpenID but won't let
you sign-up with one! So bad.

there is a bug, it actually should be -
identifier = "http://#{identifier}" unless identifier =~ /^https?:/i