Broadcasting not working through console CRUD tasks

I followed the video guid on to create a blog and for some reason the create,update,destroy tasks for the comments that I write through the console are not broadcasting to the subscriber post. It works completely fine when doing it with 2 browser windows. I have a feeling that the reason lays behind the cable.yml but then it also means that he did something in the video that he didn’t show.

cable.yml development: adapter: async

Can you share a gist or some of the related cable code?

thank you alot for replying, sir. here is the gist you have asked for, I hope it helpes: cable.yml · GitHub

The async adapter does not support broadcasting. From the documentation of turbo-rails

  1. Run ./bin/rails turbo:install:redis to change the development Action Cable adapter from Async (the default one) to Redis. The Async adapter does not support Turbo Stream broadcasting.

after installing redis as a gem in my project, the cable.yml file updated, also needed to install it in my linux system and then start the redis server. It works now, thank you alot for your help!!

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