breakpointer + 1.8.5 + os x -- anyone have it working with call_stack?

I'm running ruby 1.8.5 on an Intel mac. I've installed the call_stack gem. Edge 5642

I'm running server like this:

ruby -e "require 'rubygems'; require 'breakpoint185'; load 'script/server'"

and the breakpointer like this:

./script/breakpointer --client-uri=druby://

but still get:

No connection to breakpoint service at druby://localhost:42531 (NoMethodError) Tries to connect will be made every 2 seconds...

Has anyone got breakpointer + ruby 1.8.5 working on os x?

Cheers, Michael

I discovered that a change was checked into Edge rails that disables
breakpoints altogether on ruby 1.8.5.

When that is commented out, the below workaround does result in
breakpoints triggering an irb session in the breakpointer console,
however that irb session does not seem to have any app state.

I assume this is the 1.8.5 bug, and that breakpoint185 is not doing
it's thing for some reason, so I will keep digging to see if I can
figure out why.

Hmmm, I verified that breakpoint185's version of Binding.of_caller is
being loaded. However, upon hitting a breakpoint I am not "in" the
ad_controller object.

I am able to access local variables of the method where the
breakpoint occurred. But self == Kernel & instance_variables ==
["@__bp_line", "@__bp_file"]

Has anyone got the call_stack fix working with rails edge on os x
ruby 1.8.5?