Boolean with default value to false is nil

I have a migration that creates to boolean variables and set their
default value to false.
In a test I create an instance of this class but this variables are not
explicitly indicated so I though they should be set to false (default
value). Instead of this a test says that one variable is set to false
and the other to nil.
Do you know what is happening?

This is the test:
  def test_invalid_null_name
    nextaction = => "",
                                :project_id => "1",
                                :user_id => "1")
    assert !nextaction.valid?
    assert nextaction.errors.invalid?(:name)
    assert_equal nextaction.errors.length, 1
    assert_equal nextaction.done, false
    assert_equal nextaction.waitingfor, false
    assert_equal nextaction.order, nil

and this is the part of the schema.rb refering to this table (I create
it with two migrations):

  create_table "nextactions", :force => true do |t|
    t.string "name"
    t.datetime "deadline"
    t.integer "order"
    t.integer "project_id"
    t.integer "user_id"
    t.datetime "created_at"
    t.datetime "updated_at"
    t.boolean "waitingfor", :default => false
    t.boolean "done", :default => false

and this is the result when I execute the test:

Loaded suite nextaction_test
Finished in 0.525289 seconds.

  1) Failure:
    [nextaction_test.rb:14:in `test_invalid_null_name'
<nil> expected but was

1 tests, 5 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors

Try this:

t.boolean "waitingfor", :default => false, :null => false
    t.boolean "done", :default => false, :null => false

The migration specifies how the column is defined in the database, not
in the object. When you do the, you are creating an
object but not a database record. If you save the object and reload it,
then test the bools, I'm thinking you'll see your false values.


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