Boogaloo Simple Cache Server 0.1

Hey list,

I’ve just released a new project called Boogaloo. It’s a simple cache server that provides persistent and temporary caching, you can also use it to house your own custom services.

The main release announcement is over on ruby-talk (sorry for those reading this twice). I’m posting it here too as although Boogaloo isn’t specific to Rails, I did create it out of the needs of my own Rails application.

With Boogaloo you can very easily (and quickly!) get a cache up and running for your web nodes to share (no more caches on each node – not that you were doing that anyway, right?). It’s also very handy place to put objects that you may need between requests, such as a multi-step form or wizard type thingy (no more putting them in the session). Simply provide Boogaloo with an expiration time along with your object and let it perform the cleanup when the time comes. Simple.

Cheers, Ian.